Math Games

Number Shoot

This game is allow your kid to pratice addition and subtraction and yet having fun in shooting. Navigate the shooter by dragging the cursor (below). The question of the equation (addition/subtraction) is display on the top. Click on any area to shoot. Only shoot on the number which tally with the result of the equation. Beware there are attackers and you may shoot them. Also avoid being hit by the falling fruits (you can shoot the friut as well).

Air Multiplication

This game is to educate your kid on multiplication. Navigate the plane to the correct answer. The question of the multiplication is display on the steel planel (Top). All you need to do is to use your mouse cursor point left or right to direct the plane's horizontal position. Do not let the plane collide with any number which is the answer else it will exploded. Have fun.

Number Helicopter

This game is to educate your kid on number order by using the helicopter visiting every numbered copter pads in sequential order. There is another challenge in which the helicopter need to navigate to being shot or hit by the attack helicopter or incoming missiles. Your mission for every stage is to visit every pad on sequential order. To move, click your mouse on the screen which you want to helicopter to direct or locate. To shoot, click on the helicopter. The number which label on your helicopter is the number of life outstanding. All the best for your mission.

Hunter Bee

I am trying to imitate one of the Ipad game called "Hunter Bee", the exact name I also used for this app. It is all about a honey bee who try to get portent from the flowers in the garden. Watch out for the opposing attack bees and also other creatures e.g. snake, lizard, etc . Ensure all the flowers are visited for each stage. The purpose of this game is to teach counting number. For each flower visited, the app will count.

To move the bee, simply touch or place the mouse cursor at any position and the bee will direct and moved to the point. The number display on the bee is the life outstanding.

Shooting Bar

Shoot by touching on the screen or clicking (using mouse) on the screen. The bottles and tugs are numbered. You may shoot them if their number fall between the range. The range is given by two numbers on the right. The lower number marks the lower limit of the range and the larger number marks the upper limit. If the bottle's number does not fall within the range, it will not be broken (no score). Also do not shoot at any subject who is not armed (lossing a life). Shoot at anyone who is armed. This game aids learning the number range from 1 to 100.

Zombie VS Witch

The game is about the villager sent a witch to help them to resolve the zombies haunting. Each zombie has an distinct number. The witch will create some pumpkins and throw them to the zombie. Each pumpkins bears a number. In order to destroy the zombie, you need to get the right conbination of numbers.

For example if the zombie's number is 9, you need a conbination of some number (5 and 4) or (1,3,5). To get these number, you need to eliminate some of the numbers, for example to get 5 and 4, you need to destroy 1,2,3. To destroy the number, click on the pumpkin you want to destroy. That is all. All the best for your zombie buster mission.

Number Ballon

Drag on the balloon which initial does not have any value (zero). Collide with the bubble to add the number to its value. If the requested value is achieved, get the balloon to the panda bear. The request value is given by the lady on the right. If the balloon having more value than the request, it will burst. Each successful attempt will gain time extension and score. This game aids kids learning addition by ensuring to add the correct numbers to achieve the desire result (request value).

Press To Ten

There are 50 slots of numbers which will modify at certain timing. You are to click on two numbers that add up to ten. Once two numbers which could add up to 10, the numbers' buttons will vanished. Once all the 50 numbers are gone, the stage has been accomplished. Each stage will speed up the transformation of the numbers. You are given a time limit to complete. For every stage, the timing will be speed up.


Put the missing numbers from 1 to 9 into the grid so that every number occurs once in every row and column and in every 3x3 block. Have Fun!

Snake and Ladder

There are two small colored coins. One for each player. Player will have to click the button to get a random number from 1 to 4. Coin will move to the corresponding column. Player must get '1' to start the game.

Power Supply

Your job is to ensure the city has sufficient electricity supply to consume. The level of the consumption varies across time. The energy is sourced from the power generator and it goes to the temperary storage before being consumpted. If the energy consumption is high, it will also increase the energy withdrawal from the storage hence require more energy supply from the generator if it want to maintain its sufficent level and if the storage energy is used up, the city will be break up. If the consumption has dropped, it demand less from the storage but if the power generator keep on generating higher power, the storage might reached to its peak and will be burnt out.

Ensure you have kept a safe level of storage. The variance calculation is Power supplied minus Power Consumed . The variance will be used to top up or drop the level of storage. The score is also calculated using the variance (100 -/+ variance).

Attack on Even or Odd planes

The Jap's planes were on the raid on one of the US aircraft carrier. Your mission is to shoot down some of the planes either labeled even or odd number. If the plane do not label any number, shoot it down. The purpose of this game is to differentiate between even and odd numbers.

To play, simply drag the tank left or right (horizontal movement). To shoot, click on the tank.

Let Learn 123

It illustrates the written words of 1 2 3 in those 4 languages. To help children understand 1 2 3 clearer, it provide a counting 1 2 3 tool so that child will know the sequential of the number. Another feature is the number dot flash cards, this is to train the child right brain. Finally, it provides an assessment test to measure your child progress in mastering 1 2 3 in the language (Both written and vocal) of your choice.

Guess Big or Small Number

This is a simple game which guess the next card is bigger or smaller than the current card's number display.

Hit the number (Addition)

Given 10 seconds, hit the correct answer for the addition equation given. Total 10 stages. Each Stage corrects will earn 1 point hence 10 points if all questions are answered correctly.
Suitable for kid (Elementary)

Hit the number (Subtraction)

Given 10 seconds, hit the correct answer for the subtraction equation given. Total 10 stages. Each Stage corrects will earn 1 point hence 10 points of score if all questions are answered correctly.
Suitable for kid (Elementary)
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