Math Worksheet Grade One

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Grade 1Addition of Number to 10Fill in the blank  View  
Grade 1Addition of Number to 10Problem Sum  View  
Grade 1Comparison by SubtractionProblem Sum  View  
Grade 1MoneyFill in the blank  View  
Grade 1Number to 10 - ComparingMultiple Choice  View  
Grade 1Number to 10 - ComparingShort Question  View  
Grade 1Number to 10 - CountingMultiple Choice  View  
Grade 1Subtraction of Number to 10 Problem Sum  View  
Grade 1TimeFill in the blank  View  

Downloadable Worksheets
Picture GraphHeuristic Approach
Numbers to 10 Comparing numbers up to 10. Arrange numbers in increasing and decreasing orders.
Numbers to 10Number Bond, Read number up to 10, Write numbers up to 10, Number Pattern, Add pair of numbers up to 10
Addition Within 10 Add 2 numbers within 10 by counting on, add 2 numbers using number bond.
Subtraction within 10Subtract by crossing out, subtract by counting backward and subtract by number bond.
Number 10 and Number BondsRaffles Girl Primary School Review Practice Term One (2013)
Addition of Number to 105 Days Practice
Addition of Number to 405 Days Practice
MultiplicationTamasek Primary School
MoneyTamasek Primary School
Addition Heuristic (From Tao Nan School)
Subtraction Heuristic Approach
Shape and PatternRevision Questions From One of the Primary School
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